Leather Care

Leather is acclaimed and loved for it’s durability, strength and colours, and with a little bit of love, your bag will last a lifetime. 
We recommend protecting your leather against liquid staining by using Dermo Protect by The Handbag Spa, available here!



Alongside caring for your handbag with Dermo Protect, have a little look at our top tips below:
Take care in the sunlight 
Unfortunately, leather doesn’t like too much sun. Keep your bag out of direct sunlight and away from heat as this can damage the leather, causing it to fade or become dry and cracked. We recommend keeping your bag in your GVG dust bag and keep it filled with paper to help retain it’s shape. 
Beware of water
Like many of us, leather doesn’t like the rain too much. Try to keep your bag away from excessive liquid as this can leave stains on the bag. If it does get wet, blot with a paper towel and keep away from heat. 
Watch out for the dyes
We love the colour of our leather and everything it represents, however the dye from our bags can transfer onto light coloured fabrics. Similarly, dark coloured clothing can transfer onto light coloured leather. Dye is one of the toughest stains to remove so we recommend protecting your leather against dye transfer using dermo protect.
Don’t fill it too much
We know it’s tricky but try not to over fill any of your bags, as this could cause it to loose its shape, stretch or even break the straps. When you are not using your GVG bag, fill it with paper or better still bubble-wrap (being careful not to over stuff it!), and pop it back in it’s GVG dust bag. 
Keep your bag shining
Keeping studs, chains and locks scratch-free can be tricky. Whilst gentle knocks are all part of usual wear-and-tear, when not using your bag, mould tissue paper around the metalwork to prevent scrapes and unsightly scratches. 


All leathers age beautifully, but just like our own skin, changes can occur over time as we mature. Colours can change, darken over time and marks can appear and but our bags are intended to be worn. The natural ageing process of leather adds character to your bag and gives it a life-story of its very own, every mark, scratch and crack tells a story.